BILL & DANA SMITH/ SPUR HEADQUARTERS RANCH • Spur, TX • Bill Smith • T 806.294.5480 F 806.672.1151
A cow-calf operation under the management of Bill Smith. Espuela Cattle Co. consists of Spur Headquarters Ranch in Dickens County and the J.B. Morrison Ranch in Kent County. A broodmare band that was put together in 1986 and is kept at the Spur Headquarters to raise riding horses for the ranch and some to sell.

MATADOR CATTLE COMPANY • Matador, TX • Bob Kilmer • T 806.347.2645 F 806.347.2812 bob.kilmer@matadorranch.comIn December of 1882, the Matador Land & Cattle Company was formed by a group of Scottish investors. In 1951 it was sold to Lazard Freres and Company of London. In 1953, Fred C. Koch purchased three sub-divided corporations of land. Mr. Koch also bought the Flying V cattle brand and the “50” horse brand, both of which were used by the Scots during their 70 year ownership. Today the Matador Ranch covers about 130,000 acres in the rolling plains just off of the caprock around Matador, TX. It is managed to produce beef through its cow-calf and stocker operations. In addition, the ranch has a small broodmare band. It focuses on producing horses that are athletic, versatile and have the right disposition to produce horses that are dependable.

MIKAEL & JAMIE NIXON • Amistad, NM • Mikael Nixon • T 575.633.2720 or 575.403.7016 • mnixon@plateautel.net
Nixon Ranch is a family run ranching operation consisting of both cow-calf and yearlings. It is located in northwest NM, and our families have been here for 50+ years. The horse operation has also been in business for over 50 years. Our goal is to produce very athletic, versatile horses with great disposition.

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